Instructions for LASIK

Pre Operative Instructions:

1. Please stop wearing soft contact lenses for 7 days and hard contact lenses for 3 weeks before the day of surgery.
2. Please avoid using eye make-up one day before surgery. Make-up application can resume one week after treatment or as recommended by the doctor.
3. On the day of the surgery, please don’t use any facial make up or eye make up because the powder may get into the operative field. Wash your face thoroughly.
4. Please don’t wear any perfume on the day of the surgery as the alcohol vapor will affect performance of the laser machine.
5. On the day of surgery, please wear comfortable clothing so you will be comfortable on the surgical table.
6. Please don’t drive after the surgery; have someone to drive you back to your residence.
7. You must bring along a pair of sunglasses or buy it at our reception because exposure to UV light post operatively may cause eye irritations.

Post Operative instructions:

First 6 hours after surgery:

1. Medications consist of Antibiotic and Lubricants. Use them both every ½ hour for 6 hours or till you fall asleep. Wait for 5 mins between the 2 drops. Remember to shake the Antibiotic bottle before use.
2. You may experience irritation, burning and tearing of the eyes for first few hours. Keep your eyes closed to relieve these symptoms.
3. Tab Paracetamol (Panadol) – 1-2 tabs can be repeated after 5 hours. This will relieve the pain after surgery.
4. Don’t rub or squeeze your eyes. This is to prevent the corneal flap from disclosing.

After 6 hours / next morning:

1. Use both medications every 6 hours.
2. Stop Antibiotic drops after 2 weeks and continue Lubricant drops for a month.
3. TV, computers and reading can be commenced after 24 hours taking care not to overstrain.
4. Driving can be resumed after 24 hours.
5. Face wash, shower, prayers (bending over) are allowed after 24 hours.
6. Don’t rub eyes for a week.
7. Please wear sunglasses when exposed to sunlight for a month after Lasik surgery.
8. Routine activities like aerobics, walking are allowed. However avoid sweat entering into the eyes.
9. Eye make-up is allowed after 7 days.
10. Colored contact lenses can be worn after 3 months.
11. Household jobs like cleaning, cooking, etc can be done with due care.
12. Perfume, bukhoor are allowed if no irritation is felt.
13. No swimming, ball game or contact to sports for one month.

The correct way to install the eye drops

1. Please read and understand the instructions enclosed.
2. Wash your hands before instilling any drops.
3. Shake the bottle well before using.
4. You may lay on the bed or lean back on the couch and tilt your head back, pull on your lower eyelid with index finger against the cheekbone. You may then instill 2 drops of the medication in the eye.
5. Avoid touching your eyes and eyelashes with the bottle tip. You might contaminate the bottle.
6. Please close your eyes for 1 minute after applying the drops. This allows the drops to be absorbed on the eye better.
7. If you have 2 types of eye drops at the same time, please wait for 5-10 minutes between each type.