CEO Message


Dr Moemen Al Reefy 001

Our vision is to perfect your vision

At Al Reefy Eye and Lasik Center you’ll find a rare combination of unrivaled expertise and advanced technology that will thrive to deliver the best results possible.

In my 30+ years of experience in the gulf and kingdom of Bahrain in particular, I have found that cataract and refractive errors are the two most common conditions in this region. With that I ensured to provide the best services, professional staff and latest technology to cater to these conditions. In Al Reefy Eye and Lasik Center we are always seeking perfection; growth and development is important to us and therefore we do not hesitate in taking part in global exhibitions and conferences as well as host internationally elite ophthalmology professionals and that is to stay updated with the best most efficient treatment methods and to provide continuously improved care.

We’re proud to be a Bahraini establishment, located in the pearl of the gulf. Over the years we have become a prime stop for all ophthalmology care needs for patients from all over the region and with that we’ve taken part in flourishing medical tourism in Bahrain.  It is important for us to always give back not only to our Kingdom but also to all those in need through charity work across the globe. We’ve delivered our aid, in the name of the Kingdom, to countries such as Nigeria, Sudan, Palestine, Pakistan, and the list goes on.